Our world is mobilizing at a speed that is beginning to outstretch even our sensibilities, it seems to be becoming only louder, and we are frantically trying to keep up.

Living at this pace, we often forget ourselves, amidst streams of information and distraction, we forget the need to find any measure of stillness, stillness essential to maintaining balance. With Glo you will find both time and space to ‘be’, in beautiful, hand-picked hideaways.

Embodying a Holistic approach to healing; integrating nutritious food and mindful movement for restoring and promoting physical and psychological well being, Glo facilitates an environment from where you can heal, and a platform from where you can flourish.

My bespoke retreats have highly limited number of guests to ensure a personal experience allowing for one on one attention, providing a greater quality of focus and care.

Glo will remind you there is a world beyond your head.

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About your host

Ola is both an accomplished and devoted Osteopath as well as Physiotherapist and Medical Acupuncturist, with more than ten years clinical experience; and particular focus on women’s health issues.

The depth of Ola’s knowledge in manual therapy, utilised in conjunction with her research in the fields of mental health, movement rehabilitation and nutrition, result in a multidisciplinary synergy of approaches that resonate in a unique and individual approach to healing.

Ola has travelled the world with her practice, working with everyone from Olympic athletes, mums-to-be to celebrities. She is currently running her own flourishing private practice in Hackney, East London where she treats a varied constituency of patients, each with singular needs, each addressed with personalised treatment.

Looking for a perfect retreat to attend herself, she created Glo…

For more info please visit Ola’s website www.om-therapy.com