‘Running through fairytale woodlands, over bouncy, bright green moss, past mushrooms of all shapes, colours and sizes, and trees as far as the eye can see…Sweden was absolutely breathtaking. Not to mention the floating sauna on the lake, wood-fired hot tub, relaxing meditation, fantastic company and bonfires, BBQs and moose sausages! The retreat was the perfect mix of immersion in nature, mindfulness, peace, tranquility and invigorating exercise. I hope I’ll be back next year!’ — Shakia


‘Glo retreat was an amazing experience. The idea of combining exercise in nature with mindfulness really worked and I felt rejuvenated both physically and emotionally by the end of the retreat! I would definitely go again!’ — Joanna

‘Amot was magical. You wake up to the crispy air fragrant with burnt wood and forest. You take it all in, the mirror-surfaced lakes, autumnal rainbow of falling leaves, smell of pines and mushrooms, the vast blue sky above you and the ever tender sun on your skin, and that sense of overwhelming happiness, freedom and excitement to wake up to it again and again.’ — Anna

‘Ola has a knack for scouting out the most picturesque locations for her retreats, where our small group spent six days in Sweden running through beautiful forests, wild swimming, lazing by picture-perfect lakes, eating fresh feel-good foods, and laughing a lot. The daily yoga and meditation was the perfect wake-up call to reconnect with nature and give yourself a break, where you can feel any anxiety and stress you’ve been holding on to just melt away. Whatever your reasons are for joining Ola’s retreats, you’ll leave feeling happy, energised, glowing with positivity, bouncing with energy, and with a whole new outlook on life. It was incredible.’ — Debs

‘After being diagnosed with the rare condition of CRPS in my wrist following a simple fracture, I was left facing a long stretch ahead of me to recovery, a road where there was no guarantee I would ever have full use of my right arm and hand again. Glo Retreats were a real turning point for me on this journey and helped me get back in touch with not only my body but myself. The space it created for a group of amazing women to meditate, run, be mindful, soak, sauna, sleep, share and laugh, all in such beautiful settings will always be markers for me. Moments in my life where I can say I chose to make a change, to go for it and take the plunge and haven’t looked back since.’ — Liz

‘When I arrived I was in a bad place, really suffering with a severe bout of depression. I was hoping the week would help level me out, but I never expected to leave feeling positive and confident. As well as the amazingly energetic and spiritual yoga and food that reminded me what it feels like to take care of yourself, being surrounded by a group of powerful and brilliant women has been a hugely significant part of my healing process. You all have lifted me up when I was feeling like my fire had gone, and have prompted me to promise myself to stop constantly self criticising.I have left the retreat with a new quiet optimism.’ — Layla


‘An oasis of calm, a wonderful few days in a beautiful setting. I gained so much from my yoga retreat with Ola. The location was amazing and the food so tasty. Above all, the retreat was the greatest stress reliever and has spurred me on to becoming a regular yogi, and realise how good it is to step back from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. I took so much away from my trip to Ibiza.’ — Becky


‘Going on the Glo Retreats trip to Sweden was the perfect antidote to all the stress I had been feeling in London. Within minutes of arriving at the converted school house with breathtaking views, I felt instantly more relaxed and this set the tone for the next six days. From early morning yoga and meditation, to long ambling walks in the magical forests and swimming in the idyllic nearby lake, I felt at one with nature and a general peace and calm descend. The home-cooked vegetarian food was absolutely delicious and dinner time with my fellow yogis was always a hoot. I haven’t eaten or slept so well or laughed so much in a long time, and I came back home feeling nourished, revitalised and incredibly happy. Thank you, Ola!’– Kay

‘‘Truly blessed with sunshine, yoga, treatments and life changing food’. — Agata